Why and how to groom your dog

How to groom your dog

All dogs need to be properly taken care of in order to be healthy and to look nice. If you have a dog then you know how much of an attention they require. Their coat always needs to be clean and shiny, while their nails must be cut regularly. Even dogs themselves understand that grooming …

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Get the best automatic dog feeder – Top picks and tips

best pet automatic feeders

Why (when) do you need an automatic dog feeder? Automatic dog feeders are becoming increasingly popular and many dog owners are getting them because they are practical and serve their main purpose really well. Work and social life do not always allow us to commit to our dearest companions as much as we would like …

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How to choose the best dog training collar – Top picks and tips

best dog training collars

Dear dog-lover, Before you go to our top picks for the best training collars for dogs with in-depth reviews and pictures, please make sure you read our informative guidelines first on why, or more appropriately put, in which case you need a training collar and how to find the most suitable one for your fella. …

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Dog life vests – Top picks and tips

best dog life jacket

Dear outdoor activity lover, Before you go to our highly-researched top picks for the best dog life jacket to have your four-legged companion accompanying you in open water activities, make sure to read our informative and easy to follow guidelines first, and the explanation why your dog needs such attribute anyway even if your companion …

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HM tip: How to teach a dog to swim

You could say most dogs are able to swim by default and no intervention of human is required. While some dogs are excellent swimmers, others are afraid to, don’t like to, or can’t even if they like to (it’s not extraordinary to see a dog who tries to swim but sinks… not a common scene, …

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How can I tell if my dog is in heat and how to handle it

dog in heat

Dear dog-lover, This comprehensive article is solely dedicated to female dogs in heat so that after reading the owner would have a complete understanding of this period and how to handle it. Symptoms of heat vary throughout the cycle. It is crucial to recognize them if you are an owner of a female dog that is …

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Best dog breeds for families with kids and what to consider


Is the idea of adding a new family member to your household becoming an increasing concern as you want to please your children (and yourselves) but also be reasonable and make the right decision and choose the “best” dog breed? If someone just tells there’s one best dog breed for kids without any considerations taken …

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The great debate: Do dogs dream?

do dogs dream

Dogs definitely tend to sleep more than humans – some records show 14 hours on average per day. Because of this, and because we’ve grown so fond of these beings by considering them part of our family and best friends, it’s only normal for human’s inquisitive nature to start wondering and ask whether these lovely …

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The truth: Why dogs are carnivores and the appropriate HP-LC diet


Are dogs carnivores or omnivores? The simple truth is answered within the title of this article but we will explain explicitly why that’s true and not the other way around, and also highlight how important a proper meal plan is – an appropriate HP-LC diet (for your information, HP stands for protein, LC – carbohydrates). …

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