HM tip: How to help your dog and cat get along

cat and dog living together

Dogs and cats living together in peace – is that something extraordinary, or completely achievable for every household? We know you’d like to hear it’s the latter, and some articles might claim it’s true, however, in reality, that’d be a huge exaggeration… AND YET, you can, in fact, increase drastically the chances of success for …

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HM tip: How to stop your dog from digging in the garden


Do you have a well arranged garden and the last thing you want is unconventional art in a form of holes in the ground that doesn’t suit your taste? Has your garden and its colorful content have already been affected by the paw of your four-legged friend? No matter the background, if you’d like to …

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How to find the best dog harness – Top picks and tips


Dear dog-lover, Before you go straight to our highly-researched top picks of the best harness for your dog, ensure you read these informative and easy-to-follow guidelines first. Why choose dog harness instead of a simple leash? Dog owners won’t have any problems to keep their pets on a leash without harming them if they use …

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Find the best dog bed for chewers – Top picks and tips

Best dog beds for chewers

Dear dog-lover, Before you go straight to our highly-researched top picks for the best dog beds, please ensure you read these informative easy-to-follow guidelines first – it will give you much clearer picture what’s the most suitable for your individual fella. Before we start, here’s a table of content for your convenience. Overall comparison table …

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