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www.hmtip.com site was created to offer you the most insightful advice and guide on your pet’s nutrition, grooming, accessories and overall happiness.

People often seek our guidance on their pet’s treatment at our clinics and online, as we have established ourselves as veterinary experts in two generations. Therefore, we feel an obligation to provide you with the most accurate up-to-date information that is elaborate, yet easy-to-read, providing you a valid tip and suggestion on any given topic of this site.

Why trust us? As outlined above, we are specialists in veterinary matters and pet nutrition not simply enthusiastic pet owners, though our clients and their four-legged friends could vouch for our honest care and love as well. This site is our little side project for now, and we hope to evolve it by bringing awareness to people on matters that affect their pets’ welfare.

Whether you are looking for the most suitable food or toys for your adorable puppy, or how to find the most appropriate litter for your dear cat, or anything else that concerns your loving companions, rest assured you can rely on us.

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